Wedding Day Kit Must-Haves

Wondering what to put in your emergency kit for the day of the wedding? Here are a few of my “Must- Haves”

Tissues: Let’s face it- there will be tears today! Tissues are also good for lipstick gone awry, blowing your
nose (if your wedding is outside, this will happen).

Safety Pins: The amount of safety pins I have given away in my career would blow your mind. I even
used a large one to bustle a bride’s dress once when her bustle broke. You need them! All sizes and

Pens: Something people always overlook is pens- especially for guest books, final checks, letters.

Scissors: This is something that is a necessity on wedding days. Haven’t taken the tag off your
dress/bag/suit? Please use scissors. There is nothing worse than a hole in your dress from ripping the
tags off!

Snacks: You and your wedding party do not need to be hangry on your wedding day.
Tide Pen: Need I say more?

Breath Mints: Did you have a particularly garlic-y lunch and can’t get the taste out of your mouth?
Imagine kissing your spouse for the first time with garlic breath. Pack the breath mints.

Deodorant: You are going to sweat. It doesn’t matter if your wedding is in the tundra in the middle of
winter- you are going to sweat. Pack men’s and women’s brands- spray on is even better for sharing

Band-aids: Didn’t break in your shoes before the big day? Cut your leg shaving? Say it with me- BAND-

Don’t want to spend the money to put together an emergency kit for your big day? Worried that
something will come up that your not prepared for? Your planner will have one included in their price,
and do so much more!